The company offers a full in-house Potting and Encapsulation service. This ranges from just 1 off prototyping through to full-scale high volume production.

Over 30 years of experience in Encapsulating, Potting and Molding has given our technical team valuable insight into the best techniques to be using to get the best results and most importantly what are the best most cost effective resins to be using for our customers applications. This we feel gives our company an edge when our Technical department is working with companies and suggesting possible resins to be used. We are always alert to the practicalities of production as well as the efficiency. This all results in the most cost effective way for our customers units.

The Companies expertise in this area we believe is second to none in the UK and its portfolio of customers over the years that have chosen us for their Sub-contract work reads like a who's who of Industry.

One of the services the Company now offers is a Resin Design service, where designers can work with us closely at the grass roots level of their design, enabling both parties to choose the most cost effective bespoke solution, which will be used in the final production. The customer at this stage can either ask us to quote for doing the job or he can just purchase the resin from us and do it within his own facility with full support from us throughout.

If you wish to discuss any of your requirements please contact our Technical Department on:

Telephone: 02392 585899
Fax: 02392 510306