This section contains all of the MSDS data mentioned on this site. Please keep a periodic check on the site for any 'New Issues' etc. Our News section will highlight any changes to data or MSDS that we are aware of.

At Resin Technical Systems, we obviously use and handle resin systems constantly, therefore we take safety practices very seriously. Experience has shown that liquid resins can be used with safety and confidence once proper handling procedures are established. Below we have listed the three basic considerations useful for your general housekeeping:

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This is the most important factor when establishing safer handling procedures. If possible, do not let either of the resin parts or the mixed uncured resin contact the skin. Factory or Potting Shop/area cleanliness must be practiced faithfully, bench tops and floors should be protected from spillage with either cardboard or disposable paper tissue etc. Clothing should be changed when soiled by these materials and then laundered before re-use. Confine mixing, pouring and curing to well-ventilated areas. Avoid excessive or prolonged breathing of vapors. Exhaust ventilating hoods should be used whenever possible and in some cases (Check MSDS) is a must. Avoid contact between these materials and the eyes. Goggles should always be worn.


Where contact cannot be avoided, barrier creams, rubber gloves, aprons, face shields and goggles should be used where appropriate. In circumstances where manual dexterity and sensitivity are important, lighter-weight gloves are needed. Latex rubber gloves or poly vinyl similar to those used by surgeons should be satisfactory.


Cleanliness is a main line of defense in the battle against skin irritation affects. Good housekeeping should be maintained to avoid accidental skin contact with harmful materials. If such contaminants do get on the skin, they should be removed promptly and thoroughly. Always refer to the MSDS of the product involved. Maintaining good skin condition is a most important factor. Certainly a healthy normal skin will not only withstand injury but will also recover more rapidly when injured. Frequent contact with harmful materials followed by clean-up is quite likely to leave skin dry. With natural fats and oils removed, the skin is open to attack. It is brittle and weak and cracks readily. A good emollient hand cream with lanolin helps to replace these protective fats and oils and reconditions the skin. Such a cream should be used regularly to maintain good skin condition.

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