Founded in 1973 under the original name of RMP Plastics Ltd. Resin Technical Systems (RMP Plastics Ltd), has become one of the leading Specialty Chemical companies within the electrical and electronics industry Europe wide. Resin Technical Systems has grown due to its specialization in liquid resins for the purposes of electrical insulation. The company has three distinct ISO accredited areas of expertise:

  • Subcontract Potting, Encapsulation and more
  • Stockists of unique and superior epoxy and polyurethane resins from many leading companies such as 3M and National Starch and more
  • Re-packaging of all types of liquid resins from Methylacrylates to Epoxy Resins we repack it all into safe easy to handle packaging if more

Through our continual commitment to research and development, in areas of chemistries and packaging solutions, we can ensure by working proactively with our customers that they are always getting an up to date solution.

For further more detailed information please browse our website or contact our friendly sales team:

Telephone: 02392 585899
Fax: 02392 510306

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