Resin Technical Systems win new packaging contract with major adhesive company

Resin Technical Systems have won yet another packaging contract to aid their fast expanding chemical packaging department. Since 1996 ResinTechnical Systems have been repacking bulk resin into more convenient and safe packaging for distribution around the world. David Grant a Director of Resin Technical Systems says over the last 10 years we have been approached by several large corporations to re-pack their polymers into safe and convenient packaging. As this market is growing rapidly we have been growing with it, and now have a facility which can handle everything from small adhesive cartridges too complex multi ratio packs. Our success has been down to flexibility of numbers, as we accept small runs of less than 50 units up to large capacity contracts totaling 100,000 +. We deal with companies large and small from around the world and offer one of the best quality and cost effective services in the UK.