Resin Technical Systems is a specialist resin company that was started over 30 years ago to serve the up and coming electronics industry with a top quality service for encapsulation and potting using the latest resins available. Since then the company has diversified into 4 main areas, which are listed below:

  1. Encapsulation, Potting and Casting. Presently an 8,000 sq ft factory serves this side of the business and is constantly expanding its capability to provide customers large and small with top quality encapsulation and potting facilities. Unlike most companies we do not require production runs of many hundreds to be interested. We will pot only 1 unit if required. Our flexibility is our strength and want the customer to feel that our facility is an extension of their own business.
  2. Resin Distribution. With over 30 years in the polymer business it was always going to be likely that we would be asked what was the best resin to use in a particular design or application, and could we supply it. So in response to our customer's requests we have over the last 12 years built up a toolbox of chemistries from all the major Corporations, which gives us solutions to most applications in all industries. Basically if you need an unbiased opinion on what resin to use and don't know where to start or if you know what you want, contact us first and we will be glad to help you, and point you in the right direction.
  3. Contract Packaging. We have a modern facility with a large capacity for repackaging many different sorts of resin systems from Acrylics to Epoxies into most modern cartridge and dispensing systems available. Again we are very flexible and will often do small runs if required by the customer. We offer a top quality service at very competitive prices. Ask for a quote and we will do our best to get your packaging business.

Resin Technical Systems has grown into one of the only companies in the UK and Europe to offer a service from Manufacture and Distribution of resins through to Encapsulation and Potting of the customers units. We also feel our technical support is second to none. With a wealth of experience over a huge amount of varied resins from different manufacturers, we can help designers choose the best systems for their job, also the most practical for production, a consideration most resin salesman don't have experience of.

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