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RMP Plastics Ltd was founded by Ray Porter in 1973, to provide a specialist Encapsulation and Potting service for industries such as Defence, Aerospace and Industrial. The company quickly developed and branched out into the Automotive and Electronic protection industry. RMP Plastics Ltd soon gained a reputation for a fast and efficient service, with many large high profile companies placing important contracts.

In 1982 Ray Porter and over 9 years of experience working with a diverse range of resins, formed a company called Resin Technical Systems which is now a division of RMP Plastics Ltd.

Resin Technical Systems has quickly developed into a major distributor for 3M Electrical Resins and Emerson & Cuming Specialty Polymers.

So after 27 years of experience RMP Plastics Ltd and Resin Technical Systems are the UK's only leading specialist in both Encapsulation and Potting, as well as the Distribution of high performance resin systems.

Our Technical department has the unique position of not only recommending the most suitable resin, but would of also used the product themselves. With 8,000 sq ft of factory facilities we can also quote for the whole job! Thus offering, if required a full Resin handling package.